New Meet

He is everything that I am looking for. It has been 3 days and I am drunk. Completely intoxicated by him. Everything. His eyes, his smile, his muscles, everything. But regardless of my intoxication I am over all scared. I am terrified of the disappointment. I want him. I need him, it seems.. but what if everything I see is a mask. His name is Junior. And I haven’t had a man make me feel this way since my first love. Even the sexual tension is perfect. Im terrified. Nothing is perfect. But i will continue to blissfully dance in this beautiful rain of me and him hoping that I don’t get caught in a storm.

The Drunk and The Deprived

His name was Mike. And he is not special, not at the moment at least. He sort of stumbled into my life a few days ago through, yes, Facebook. He is nice so far, but tonight of all nights he desides to drunk text me. He hasn’t said the words exactly but the intoxicated man is teasing me. Teasing my dear sanity with pure lust. The lust that I have not recieved in, my books, a very, very long time. I don’t appreciate it but I somewhat like it. Its all very confusing. Maybe because lately I’ve been thinking of just having a strictly sexual relationship with someone not a romantic one. But where do I find someone with the same intentions without embarrassing myself, Sex R’ Us?

For the kill

It seems as though my curiousity is what constantly kills me, but as usual I give in. My lack of patience and will power of course help greatly with my surrender. But I come to find that the kill is not always significant. So lets see how long my attention span will last with my new idea of blogging. For my curiousity in it at the moment is at an all time high. Wish me luck.